Principles of Automation

Data Pt.2: What Companies Get Wrong About Data

Hello Automation Enthusiasts! In the previous drops of the Principles of Automation project, I have defined: the concept of automation software-enabled automation and its business use cases, anddigital data and its data types. Now, that you have a base understanding of these concepts, I can now discuss some of the challenges companies have in utilizing…

Data: The Foundational Principle of Automation

Hello Automation Enthusiasts! Today, I will be discussing the most important part of software-enabled automation: data. Similar to the word “automation” people use “data” to sound intelligent and thoughtful, but they rarely put the data in context, so the person reading or listening has no idea what it really means. So let’s define it. What…

Principles of Automation

In Principles of Automation, Addy Adewusi teaches you how to leverage software to automate your business, your work, and your life. Read the drops here or listen to them on Callin.