The Automation Software Matrix

The Automation Software Matrix

Automation software products can be divided into 4 categories: 

  1. Manual + no-code = most automation software solutions. While I can build valuable, complex automations with today’s automation software, the process is manual, tedious, time-consuming, and requires thorough testing.
  2. Manual + code = “slow code.” Slow code is old-fashioned coding from scratch. While software and programming languages can accelerate the coding process, you still need an experienced developer to build slow code automations.
  3. Automated + code = machine programming (MP.) Machine programming (MP) is when a computer does the programming for you. While it has the potential to enable a non-tech person to code custom automation software, MP is in its early stages and still requires a software developer.
  4. Automated + no-code = the future. Imagine telling a voice assistant, “setup a webinar for my NYC customers on B2B marketing.” Seconds later, you receive a link that takes you to a custom automated workflow, with a scheduled webinar, an invite list, an informative landing page, and pre-populated invite and reminder emails. All you have to do is edit and send! Once we figure out how to automate the creation of custom workflows, the world of business will fundamentally change. This is the future, who is building this?

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